LOréal Série Expert Inforcer Conditioner 200ml


Brand: L'Oreal


  • 200ml

Publisher: L'OREAL

Details: Product Description 'Revitalising and invigorating hair treatment against hair breakage. Instant and the.The new stärkende L 'Oréal Professionnel série expert Inforcer Conditioner for brittle, dull hair against hair breakage, the through physical damage (styling tools such as hair dryer, brush, hair straighteners etc).Use the L 'Oréal Professionnel série expert Inforcer Condition Ersgleich moderate to Shampoonierten, Handtuchtrockenen lengths and tips, then rinse thoroughly.The L 'Oréal Professionnel série expert InfoRC Erwer we all know the feeling? After the brushing hair, the brush Full of Broken Hair and straight the item styling tools on the high-stress points, fragile hair also. Series Expert contrast, it now has the solution.Inforcer is the first substance reconstructive treatment for your hair, the hair breakage instantly stops and the hair fibers Kräfitigt. A formula enriched with Vitamin B6 and Biotin for a rolling back the cover in hair breakage effect *. Vitamin B6 is an important nutrient, which play an essential role in hair growth. In addition, vitamin (B8), also known as the "Biotin included in Inforcer. These are essential constituents of the development and beauty of the hair. Your hair will feel Durable and strong. The fibres of your hair will be day for day Resistenter *.* Instrumental test shampoo + conditioner. Ingredients L 'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Inforcer Conditioner 200ml Box Contains 1