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ISDIN Fotoprotector Hydro Oil SPF30 200ml


ISDIN Fotoprotector Hydro Oil SPF30 200ml
Introducing the ISDIN Fotoprotector Hydro Oil with SPF30. This 200ml sunscreen oil offers effective sun protection while providing hydration and a subtle sheen to your skin.

The ISDIN Fotoprotector Hydro Oil features a unique oil formula that combines sun protection with moisturizing benefits. It contains nourishing ingredients that help to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, even under sun exposure.

With SPF30, this sunscreen oil provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, helping to prevent sunburn and sun-induced damage. It is water-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor activities and swimming.

The lightweight and non-greasy texture of the Hydro Oil makes it easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving behind a subtle sheen for a radiant and healthy-looking glow. It can be used on the body and face, offering protection and hydration to all areas exposed to the sun.

To use, simply apply the Fotoprotector Hydro Oil evenly onto clean and dry skin before sun exposure. Massage it gently until fully absorbed. Reapply every two hours or more frequently if sweating or after swimming.

Experience the combined benefits of sun protection and hydration with the ISDIN Fotoprotector Hydro Oil. Embrace this sunscreen oil to keep your skin safe from the sun's harmful rays while nourishing and moisturizing your skin, leaving it with a beautiful and healthy-looking glow.